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QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Machine

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Making Machine is Mobile block making machine, it works on cement surface. You can equip with small loader machine and  Jp500 mixer with the QMY6-25 to combine a full production line.

  • Without pallets, time-saving effort
  • Using the vibration mode box, forming a short time
  • High-density productions


Qmy6A or QMY6-25 Mobile Egg Laying Block Machine

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Machine Introduction:

  1. It is a hydraulic semi-automatic mobile brick making machine.
  2. One 20ft container can enchase 3 sets of the QMY6-25 mobile brick machine.
  3. Production scope: hollow blocks, solid blocks, the whole body same color pavers

QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block Machine Advantages:

  1. It is a mobile machine. It has larger productivity than the other small block machines.
  2. No need pallet, so it will save much money, and avoid the block to suffer second damage.


QMY6-25 Egg Laying Block MachineTech Data:

Raw MaterialSand, Cement, Fly Ash, Concrete, Boiler Slag, Mountain Flour, Industrial Waste.
Hydraulic Pressure8.5Mpa
PalletNo Need
Vibration ModeMould Vibration
Demold MethodHydraulic
Turning MethodHydraulic
Total Power9.6KW
Workers2~3 Persons
Land Area1000m2
Block Machine Size2000*2100*1650mm
PackingQMY6-25 Mobile Block Machine and its Accessories would be Packaged in one 20ft General Container

QMY6-25 Components:

1QMY6-25 Mobile BlockMachineTo make the hollow block, solid brick and pavement brick1 pcs
2JZC-350 Concrete MixerTo mix the materials: water, sand, aggregate and cement1 pcs
3Jubilee Wagon LoaderTransport the materials from the mixer to the mobile block machine1 pcs
4Hollow Block Mould400×200×200mmTo make different size and shape bricks by changing moulds1 pcs

QMY6-25 Capacity

Hollow Block400×200×200mm25-3061,0809,000
Hollow Block400×150×200mm25-3071,1507,000
Hollow Block400×120×200mm25-3091,20010,000
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